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HTML5 application load failure

Last Updated: May 10, 2022


When opening the HTML5 application, the iOS container displays the error message “The system is busy, please try again later”, as shown in the following figure.系统繁忙,请稍后再试


First confirm that there is no RPC 7XXX error in the console. There are no other errors at the same time.

Check the console and you may see prompt messages. The prompt message may not be directly related to the error. For example:

2020-03-10 18:17:31.162906+0800 Demo[20009:1161503],cdn:0,etag:0 spdy:0 h2:1 0-Response:
    memo = "\U7f3a\U5c11\U64cd\U4f5c\U7c7b\U578b\U6216\U8005\U6b64\U64cd\U4f5c\U7c7b\U578b\U4e0d\U652f\U6301";
    resultStatus = 3000;
    tips = "\U62b1\U6b49\Uff0c\U6682\U65f6\U65e0\U6cd5\U64cd\U4f5c\Uff0c\U8bf7\U7a0d\U540e\U518d\U8bd5\U3002";

You can see the loading page URL of the HTML5 container:

The following situations may happen:

  • The provided App ID is wrong.

  • The console has not released this offline package.

  • The client version number is not in the range of client versions that are supported by this offline package.


  1. Check the console and confirm that the offline package is in the published state.离线包

  2. Confirm that the appId provided in the project code is correct:appId 拷贝

  3. Confirm whether the code in the info.plist of the Product Version field in the project is within the range of the coverage client version.

    Product Version图片 1

Click here to download the code sample containing errors.