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Mobile Platform as a Service:How to solve the OpenSSL conflict in iOS projects

Last Updated:Sep 18, 2021

When accessing mPaaS, the custom OpenSSL library provided by mPaaS may conflict with the OpenSSL third-party library introduced in the project. If the confliction occurs, you can remove the introduced OpenSSL third-party library, use the custom OpenSSL library provided by mPaaS. After adaptation, if the interface incompatibility occurs due to the higher version of the OpenSSL library used in the previous project, you need to separately introduce a higher version of the OpenSSL custom library. The high-version OpenSSL custom library can be imported in the following way.

Based on CocoaPods plugin

This approach is suitable for projects that have adopted the CocoaPods plug-in to manage the mPaaS framework.

  1. Type the command in the terminal to enter the same level directory of the project Podfile, and execute the command of pod mpaas update cp_change_20300 to update the baseline.

    Note: The standard baseline functionally equivalent to the custom baseline is

  2. Change the Podfile baseline version to cp_change_20300 and add the code: mPaaS_pod "mPaaS_OpenSSL", then execute the command of pod install in the terminal to successfully introduce the custom OpenSSL library to resolve the conflict.