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Mobile Platform as a Service:Generate code

Last Updated:Mar 24, 2021

Mobile Gateway Service supports generating the client SDK for API.

About this task

Only the HTTP API supports code generation.


  1. Open the Generate client code window by doing any one of the following operations:
    • On the API group tab, click Generate code on the operation column.
    • On the Manage API tab, click Generate code on top of the list.
    • On the Manage API tab, click More > Generate code on the operation column. This method is used to generate single API codes (not API group), for HTTP APIs only.
      generate client code
  2. In the Generate client code window, configure the following information:
    • API group: Select the API group which needs to generate SDK.
    • Platform: Select Android, iOS or JS, and configure relevant information accordingly.
      • If you select Android, you must enter the package name of the App in PackageName; if not filled, it defaults to com.client.service.
      • If you select iOS, you must enter the unique prefix in Prefix; if not filled, no prefix is attached by default.
  3. Click Submit to generate API SDK for the invocation by client.