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Call the RPC API

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2021
Note: Since the JSON data transferred by JS cannot contain the data type, errors may occur due to the data type when the transferred data is converted into a dictionary at the Native layer. We recommend that precise numeric values be transferred as strings. For example, {"value":9.45} will be converted into {"value":9.449999999999999} at the Native layer and then uploaded to the server. Instead, using {"value":"9.45"} can avoid such error.

RPC API usage instruction

  1.'rpc', {
  2. operationType: 'alipay.client.xxxx',
  3. requestData: [],
  4. headers: {}
  5. }, function(result) {
  6. console.log(result);
  7. });

Code sample

  1. <h1>Click the button to initiate an RPC request.</h1>
  2. <a href="javascript:void(0)" class="btn rpc">Initiate a request.</a><br/>
  3. <a href="javascript:void(0)" class="btn rpcHeader">Initiate a request with a response header returned.</a>
  4. <script>
  5. function ready(callback) {
  6. // Call JS Bridge if it has been injected.
  7. if (window.AlipayJSBridge) {
  8. callback && callback();
  9. } else {
  10. // Listen to the injection event if it has not been injected.
  11. document.addEventListener('AlipayJSBridgeReady', callback, false);
  12. }
  13. }
  14. ready(function() {
  15. document.querySelector('.rpc').addEventListener('click', function() {
  16.'rpc', {
  17. operationType: 'alipay.client.xxxx',
  18. requestData: [],
  19. headers: {}
  20. }, function(result) {
  21. alert(JSON.stringify(result));
  22. });
  23. });
  24. document.querySelector('.rpcHeader').addEventListener('click', function() {
  25.'rpc', {
  26. operationType: 'alipay.client.xxxx',
  27. requestData: [],
  28. headers: {},
  29. getResponse: true
  30. }, function(result) {
  31. alert(JSON.stringify(result));
  32. });
  33. });
  34. });
  35. </script>


  1.'rpc', {
  2. operationType:,
  3. requestData:,
  4. headers
  5. }, fn);

Input parameters

Name Type Description Required Default value
operationType string RPC service name. Y -
requestData array Parameter of the RPC request. You need to build the parameter based on the specific RPC API. N -
headers object Headers set for the RPC request. headers N {}
gateway string Gateway address. N Alipay gateway
compress boolean Whether request gzip compression is supported. N true
disableLimitView boolean Whether to prevent the unified traffic-limiting window from popping up when the RPC gateway is subject to throttling. N false
timeout int RPC timeout duration, in seconds. N Timeout durations are set by the framework in a unified manner and the policy is complex.
Specifically, the timeout duration is set to 20s in a Wi-Fi environment for iOS and 30s in other environments.
For Android, the timeout duration is set to a value between 12s and 42s in a Wi-Fi or 4G environment, and to a value between 32s and 60s in other environments.
getResponse boolean Whether to obtain the RPC response header (note: if it is set to true, the response data is nested by one more layer and can be used to obtain the trace ID/entity ID during data backflow reporting). N false
fn function Callback function. N -

Output parameters

Parameter carried in the callback function: result: {error }

Name Type Description
error string Error code

Error code description

Error code Description
10 Network error
11 Request timeout
Others Defined by the Mobile Gateway

Native RPC error codes

Error code Description
1000 Success
0 Unknown error
1 The client cannot find the communication object.
2 Network access is unavailable on the client (the error code is converted to 10 in JSAPI).
3 The client certificate is incorrect.
4 The network connection on the client times out.
5 The speed of the network connection on the client is too low.
6 The server does not give a response upon a request from the client.
7 A network IO error occurs on the client.
8 A network request scheduling error occurs on the client.
9 A processing error occurs on the client.
10 A data deserialization error occurs on the client, or the data format on the server is incorrect.
11 Logging in to the client failed.
12 The login account on the client is changed.
13 The request is interrupted. For example, the network request will be interrupted when the thread is interrupted.
14 A network cache error occurs on the client.
15 A network authorization error occurs on the client.
16 A DNS resolution error occurs.
17 operationType is not on the whitelist.
1001 The access is denied.
1002 The call times exceed the limit: The system is busy. Please try again later.
2000 Login has timed out. Please log in again.
3000 No operation type is present, or the operation type is not supported.
3001 The requested data is empty: The system is busy. Please try again later.
3002 The data format is incorrect.
4001 The service request has timed out. Please try again later.
4002 An exception occurs in remotely calling the service system: The network is busy. Please try again later.
4003 Creating a remote call agent failed: The network is busy. Please try again later.
5000 Unknown error: Sorry. Operations are not allowed for now. Please try again later.
6000 The RPC service is not found.
6001 the RPC target method is not found.
6002 The RPC parameter quantity is incorrect.
6003 The RPC target method is not accessible.
6004 An RPC JSON parsing exception occurs.
6005 RPC parameters are invalid when the target method is called.
6666 An exception occurs on the RPC service.
7000 No public key is set.
7001 The parameters for signature verification are insufficient.
7002 Signature verification failed.
7003 Signature verification timestamp check failed.
7004 The operationType parameter in the signature verification RPC API is empty.
7005 The productId parameter is empty.
7006 Signature verification API: The did parameter is empty.
7007 Signature verification API: The request sending time parameter t is empty.
7008 Signature verification API: The IMEI (client device identifier) parameter is empty.
7009 Signature verification API: The IMSI (client user identifier) parameter is empty.
7010 Signature verification API: The API version number is empty.
7011 Signature verification API: The user is not authorized.
7012 Signature verification API: The RPC API is not opened up.
7013 Signature verification API: The product ID is not registered, or no key is obtained.
7014 Signature verification API: The signature data is empty.
7015 Signature verification API: The subscription is invalid.
7016 Signature verification API: The transferred sid in the login request RPC API is empty.
7017 Signature verification API: The transferred sid in the login request RPC API is invalid.
7018 Signature verification API: The transferred token in the login request RPC API is invalid.
7019 Signature verification API: The alipayuserid obtained by the login request RPC API is empty.
8001 etag: The response data has no changes.

RPC custom gateway

You can specify the gateway address to send request to in the RPC.

RPC throttling logic

Container version disableLimitView Action Callback parameter
<=9.9.5 true Silent 1002
<=9.9.5 false Alert 1002
>=9.9.6 true Silent 1002
>=9.9.6 false Gateway handling 100201
Action Type Description
Silent None
Alert A unified throttling box is displayed, as shown in the following figure.
Toast A system toast is displayed. If the user exits the system, no toast is displayed.
Gateway handling The action is silent, alert, or toast, depending on the RPC configuration for the gateway.

RPC throttling pop-up box

traffic limit


Q: How to handle ESLint: 'AlipayJSBridge' is not defined?
A: For questions not defined by AlipayJSBridge, try the following two solutions :

  • Solution 1:'rpc');

  • Solution 2:

    1. const { AlipayJSBridge } = window;