An endpoint is the address that you specify for a subscription to receive messages. When messages are published to a topic, MNS pushes the messages to the specified endpoints. You can specify an endpoint for multiple subscriptions.

  • You can use HTTP URIs as endpoints.
  • Syntax: http://$[/uri]. You can specify a multi-level directory for a URI.
  • Limit: The directory that you specify in a URI cannot start with mns-reserverd-.
  • MNS sends HTTP requests to specified endpoints. You can process the requests at the endpoints.
  • You can use MNS queues as endpoints.
  • Syntax: acs:mns:{REGION}:{AccountID}:queues/{QueueName}.
  • Limit: Messages can be pushed only to the queues that belong to the same region and account as topics.
  • MNS writes messages to the specified queues. You can call the ReceiveMessage operation to receive the messages. For more information, see Push messages to a queue.