If your instance is a subscription instance and auto-renewal is not enabled for the instance, you must renew the instance before it expires. Otherwise, the service is interrupted.


  • The instance that you want to renew has expired or is in the Running state.
  • The billing method of the instance is subscription.


  1. Log on to the Message Queue for Apache Kafka console. In the Resource Distribution section of the Overview page, click the name of the region where your instance is deployed.
  2. On the Instances page, click the name of the instance that you want to manage.
  3. On the Instance Details page, click Renew in the upper-right corner of the Overview section.
  4. In the Renew panel, set the subscription duration, read and select MQ for Kafka (Subscription) Terms of Service, and then click Buy Now.
  5. In the Go to Buy Page panel, confirm the information of the unpaid order and click Purchase.
    In the Configuration Information section of the Instance Details page, you can view the value of the Expiration Time parameter for the instance after renewal.