This topic describes how to use Job Explorer in MaxCompute Studio to view MaxCompute job instances that you submitted. You can view the running status, type, and start and stop time of job instances.

Open Job Explorer

To open Job Explorer, choose View > Tool Windows > Job Explorer in the top navigation bar.

View all job instances in a project

Job Explorer allows you to query the list of submitted jobs by status, user, date, and duration. Examples:

  • If you want to query the list of submitted jobs by status, click Status and select Failed to view the jobs that failed within the last 24 hours.
  • If you want to query the list of submitted jobs by date, adjust the sliders in the Date drop-down list to specify the time range of the jobs that you want to query.
  • By default, only the first 1,000 jobs that meet the conditions are displayed. If more than 1,000 jobs meet the conditions, update the filtering conditions.
  • You can click ID and Name and Submitted At to sort the jobs.

View a job queue

If a job in the running state is waiting for scheduling in a queue, click Queue Location to obtain the location in the queue, and click Priority to obtain the global priority.
Note The job status and queue location on the Running Instances tab are automatically updated. After a job finishes, this information is removed from the list.

Save job logs

By default, Logview logs of a job are saved for seven days. If you want to save some important Logview logs for a longer period and view them in the future, you can save them locally.
  1. Double-click a job in the list to display the job details on the right.
  2. Click Save in the toolbar to save the logs to your local host.

    You can set the path for saving the log file on the Settings page of MaxCompute Studio.