MaxCompute Lightning is officially upgraded to Hologres. This topic describes the features, activation method, and technical support of Hologres.


Hologres is a real-time interactive analytics service developed by Alibaba Cloud. It is seamlessly integrated with MaxCompute and supports real-time data writing. You can use Hologres to analyze and process petabytes of data with high concurrency and low latency. Hologres is compatible with the PostgreSQL protocol. You can use familiar BI tools to perform multi-dimensional analysis and insights as well as business exploration on large amounts of data. Hologres also supports ultra-high QPS to suit your needs of data warehouse analysis and service integration.

Activation method

Hologres supports shared clusters since November 20, 2020. It provides serverless architecture to remove limits on resource scaling and elasticity. Hologres enables you to perform SQL queries and real-time BI analysis on offline data in MaxCompute data warehouses. You are charged only for the bytes that are scanned.

Hologres shared clusters are in the public preview. You are welcomed to use them for trial. You can click Hologres shared clusters (MaxCompute BI Acceleration Edition) to use these clusters.

Technical support

You can search for group ID 32314975 in DingTalk to join our DingTalk group to obtain professional support in an efficient way.