Quota serves as a computing resource pool of MaxCompute. It provides the CPU and memory resources that are required for computing jobs, such as MaxCompute SQL jobs, MapReduce jobs, Spark jobs, Mars jobs, and Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) jobs.

The unit of MaxCompute computing resources is compute unit (CU). One CU equals 1 CPU core and 4 GB of memory. Quotas are classified into subscription resource quotas and pay-as-you-go resource quotas based on the billing methods of resources. For more information about the billing methods, see Subscription.

If you purchase subscription resource quotas, you can perform fine-grained management for these quotas. For more information, see Use MaxCompute Management.
  • Configure quota groups

    You can add, change, or remove quota groups. You can also configure resource scheduling periods for quota groups. This ensures that different projects can schedule computing resources in different periods of time.

  • Change the quota group of a project

    You can change the quota groups that are associated with a MaxCompute project.

You can associate MaxCompute projects with quota groups by using the following methods. After projects are associated with quota groups, the computing jobs that you submit in the projects use the quota groups that are associated with the projects to compute data.
  • When you create a MaxCompute project, you can configure the quota group parameter to specify the quota group that you want to associate with the project.
  • To change the quota group that is associated with an existing MaxCompute project, you can go to the MaxCompute console, find the project, and then click Switch quota group in the Actions column. You can also change the quota group that is associated with the project on the Projects tab of MaxCompute Management. For more information, see Change the quota group of a project.
Note We recommend that you associate different quota groups with different MaxCompute projects based on your business requirements.