This topic describes the items that you need to prepare before you use MaxCompute. It also describes how to prepare these items.

Preparation items

Before you use MaxCompute, you must prepare the following items and perform the operations mentioned in Procedure.

Item Description
Accounts Plan the list of personnel who use MaxCompute to prepare Alibaba Cloud accounts or Resource Access Management (RAM) users. For more information about the differences between Alibaba Cloud accounts and RAM users, see Users and roles.
MaxCompute projects Plan the region, billing method, and data type edition of the MaxCompute project that you want to create based on your business requirements.
Roles and permissions Plan the roles and permissions of project members based on the princinple of least privilege. For more information about the permissions, see Permissions.
Environment and tools Select appropriate tools to meet your business requirements. For more information about the tools, see Tools. When you use a tool, you need to use an endpoint to access MaxCompute. You can select an endpoint based on the region and network type you selected when you activate MaxCompute. For more information about endpoints, see Configure endpoints.


The following table describes the preparation procedure.

Step Description
Step 1: Create an Alibaba Cloud account. Create an Alibaba Cloud account and complete real-time verification.
Step 2: (Optional) Prepare a RAM user. If you need to work with other users for business development, you must create a RAM user and assign the credentials of the RAM user to other users.
Step 3: Activate MaxCompute and DataWorks. Activate MaxCompute and DataWorks.
Step 4: Create a MaxCompute project. Create a MaxCompute project before you can use MaxCompute.
Step 5: (Optional) Add a workspace member and configure roles. If you need to work with other users to use MaxCompute, you must add a RAM user to the related workspace.
Step 6: Prepare an environment and install required development tools. Before you use MaxCompute, you must prepare the required tools and environment information to ensure that subsequent jobs can run normally.