This topic describes how to develop a MaxCompute SDK for Python (PyODPS) script.


The Python development environment is configured. For more information, see Configure a Python development environment.

Background information

PyODPS supports basic operations on MaxCompute objects and allows you to use DataFrames. You can use PyODPS to analyze data in MaxCompute.


  1. In the Project section, right-click scripts and choose New > MaxCompute Python.
    MaxCompute Python
  2. In the Create new MaxCompute python class dialog box, enter a class name in the Name field, select PyODPS Script from the Kind drop-down list, and then click OK.
    Create new MaxCompute python class
  3. Write the script code in the code editor. When you create a PyODPS script, the odps and o objects are automatically initialized in the PyODPS script template by using a PyODPS room.
    When you develop a PyODPS script in DataWorks, a room is automatically created. When you develop a PyODPS script in IntelliJ IDEA, you must create a room yourself. For more information, see the PyODPS documentation.Template