This topic describes the best practices for data migration, including migrating business data or log data from other business platforms to MaxCompute or migrating data from MaxCompute to other business platforms.

Background information

Traditional relational databases are not suitable for processing a large amount of data. If you have a large amount of data stored in a traditional relational database, you can migrate the data to MaxCompute.

MaxCompute provides a comprehensive set of data migration solutions and a variety of classic distributed computing models, allowing you to store a large amount of data and compute data fast. By using MaxCompute, you can efficiently save costs for your enterprise.

DataWorks provides comprehensive features for MaxCompute, such as data integration, data analytics, data management, and data administration. Among these features, data integration enables stable, efficient, and scalable data synchronization.

Best practices

After the business data and log data are processed by MaxCompute, you can use Quick BI to present the data processing results in a visualized manner. For more information, see Best practices of using MaxCompute to process data and Quick BI to present the data processing results.