This topic provides links to examples on how to use Tunnel SDK in typical scenarios. For scenarios that are not provided in this topic, you can refer to the open source Tunnel SDK documentation.

Usage notes

  • MaxCompute provides two Tunnel endpoints: endpoint of MaxCompute Tunnel and TunnelBufferedWriter. The efficiency and costs of data upload vary based on the Tunnel endpoint that you use. For more information, see Introduction to Tunnel SDK.
  • We recommend that you use TunnelBufferedWriter to upload your data. For more information, see the sample code in BufferedWriter.
  • The code varies based on the SDK version. The sample code is only for reference. Take note of the SDK version that you use.

Tunnel SDK for Java

For examples of other scenarios, see the open source SDK for Java documentation.

Tunnel SDK for Python


MaxCompute provides Tunnel commands and Tunnel SDK for data uploads and downloads. You can run Tunnel commands by using tools such as the MaxCompute client.MaxCompute also provides SDKs that are dedicated to objects such as projects and tables based on Tunnel SDK. The following content lists the links to related instructions.