This topic describes AlgoTask errors, their trigger conditions, and relevant solutions.

Format of AlgoTask error messages:
ODPS-12CCCCX:General description - Context-related description
AlgoTask errors are related to the following modules: System (CCCC ranges from 1000 to 1999) and Job (CCCC ranges from 2000 to 2999). The following table describes AlgoTask errors.
Error message Module Severity Solution
ODPS-1202005:Algo Job Failed AlgoTask 5 Submit a ticket to contact MaxCompute technical support.
ODPS-1210015:MetaDataServerError META 5
ODPS-1220031:Invalid xml in HTTP request body API 1
ODPS-1220061:Invalid parameter in HTTP request API 1
ODPS-1220081:Method not allowed API 1
ODPS-1224151:Invalid state setting API 1
ODPS-1226011:Xflow instance not found API 1
ODPS-1227031:Invalid project name API 1
ODPS-1228011:Model not found Xmodel 1
ODPS-1228021:Model has already existed Xmodel 1
ODPS-1228031:Invalid model name Xmodel 1
ODPS-1229011:Xflow not found Xflow 1
ODPS-1229021:Xflow has already existed Xflow 1
ODPS-1229031:Invalid xflow name Xflow 1
ODPS-1230153:InternalServerError System 3