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Marketplace:What information does ISV need to provide

Last Updated:May 10, 2022

The information that ISV needs to provide before sell in marketplace is as follows.

  • Business license

  • Company information

Company Name;

Company HQ / Offices;

Year of establishment;

Brief Company Overview;

Company Size;

Customer base (Please share average number of customers & where customers are located);

Target Markets;

  • Product Information – Please share with us your product that you would like to list on Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.

Solution Name;

Solution Description;

Solution Benefits;

Solution Type - Kindly indicate all the usage of Alibaba Cloud Products; (Image/Saas/API/Service)

Transaction Mode on Marketplace: (Free/BYOL/Cosell);

*BYOL: bring your own license, customers will have to purchase product license from Tech vendors *Co-sell: paid product, customers will purchase both product license and ECS from Alibaba Cloud Marketplace