This topic describes how to manage a store. After you sign up for Marketplace, an operator opens a store for you. You must manage your store in the ACPN console and fill out store-related information.


  1. Log on to the ACPN console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Store.
  3. On the Store Management page, fill out store-related information and click Submit.
    Table 1. Parameters
    No. Parameter Description
    1 Store Header store name The name of the store. It is displayed on the top of the store page.
    2 slogan The slogan of the store. It is displayed under the store name.
    3 logo The logo of the store. You can upload your logo here.
    4 profile The description of the store.
    5 shop picture The promotional image of the store. The promotional image is the cover of the promotional video when the video is not played.
    6 video Optional. The promotional video of the store. You can upload your promotional video here.
    7 About Seller title The title of the product or service.
    8 Describe The description of the product or service.
    9 Products popular products The products that are most popular in the store. You can configure up to four products.
    10 Contact Information email The email of the service provider. The store page displays only the first email that is entered.
    11 telephone The telephone of the service provider.
    12 website The website of the service provider.
  4. Click Go to Your Store in the upper-right corner of the Store Management page to view the specified store page.
    The preview of the specified store information is shown in the following figure. The numbers in this figure correspond to the parameters described in Table 1.store_management_01