You can view labeling jobs assigned to different workers on the Smart Labeling page.

On the Smart Labeling page, you can view My Jobs, My Labeling Jobs, and Job List.Smart Labeling page
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My Jobs You can perform the following operations on the My Jobs tab:
  • View labeling jobs that you have created as an administrator.
  • Click the ID of a labeling job in the Job ID/Name column. On the page that appears, view details about the job or modify the job.
    Note After you start a labeling job, you are not allowed to modify the labeling policy or add labels.
  • After you click Generate Result Dataset, the system generates a result dataset in the specified Object Storage Service (OSS) path. The result datasets generated in this path do not overwrite each other.
My Labeling Jobs You can view the labeling jobs that are assigned to you and check the progress of these jobs.
Job List Displays information about labeling jobs, including Job ID/Name, Template, Status, Labeling Progress, Published By, Creation Time, and Actions.