Shared resource groups provide CPU resources. This topic describes how to use shared resource groups to deploy models and the billing methods of shared resource groups.


You can deploy a model to a shared resource group by using the following methods:
  • Use the console: In the Resources And Models dialog box, set Resource Group Type to Public Resource Group. For more information, see Deploy services.
  • Use EASCMD: Leave the resource field empty, indicating that CPU resources are to be used. For more information, see Use the EASCMD client.


When a model is deployed and in the running state, the system starts billing for the model service. For more information, see Billing of EAS.
Note We recommend that you stop unwanted model services to avoid unnecessary costs.

Stop billing

On the Elastic Algorithm Service page, find the service that you want to stop, and click Stop in the Operating column. The billing for the service is also stopped.
Note To avoid unnecessary business losses, make sure that the stopped service is no longer required.
Stop billing