PAI-TensorFlow logs include experiment running status logs and LogView logs. The LogView logs of PAI-TensorFlow contain more information about the experiment. If the system reports an error when you run an experiment, you can view the details of errors based on the logs.

The following logs are generated when you submit PAI-TensorFlow tasks by using any method.PAI-TensorFlow logs
No. Description
1 The LogView logs. You can click the link in your browser to view the LogView logs.
2 The running status log.

Running status logs

Running status logs display the running status of the servers on which the distributed training tasks are running. A log is displayed in the Parameter 1/Parameter 2/Parameter 3 format.
  • The value of Parameter 1 indicates the number of nodes that are performing computing tasks.
  • The value of Parameter 2 indicates the number of nodes that have completed computing tasks.
  • The value of Parameter 3 indicates the total number of nodes.
If the progress of the experiment is 100%, the experiment is complete.

LogView logs

LogView logs provides the debug information about experiments. You can use the following methods to view LogView logs:
  1. Open the link in the preceding figure in your browser. The page that displays the details of the LogView logs appears.Log page
  2. To view error logs or check the output information about the code that is used to run the experiment, double-click ODPS Tasks.ODPS Tasks
  3. On the page that shows the running status of workers, view the tasks and workers.Worker running page
  4. To view the output information that is generated by the print function when you run the code, click the LogView icon icon in the Stdout column.Output information
  5. To view the debug information of the service, click the LogView icon icon in the Stderr column.Debug information