The face enhancement model can enhance the faces that are detected in the input image and return the enhanced face image. This topic describes the input and output formats of the model.


The face enhancement model can detect the faces in the input image, enhance the blurry part of the faces, and repair the face details so that the faces in the image become clearer.

Input format

The input data must be in the JSON format. It contains the image field. The value of this field is the image content that is encoded in the Base64 format.
  "image": "Base64-encoded image content"

Output format

The output data is in the JSON format. The following table describes the fields in the output data.
Field Description Shape Value type
out_image The content of the enhanced imaged. [] BASE64
request_id The unique ID of the request. [] STRING
success Indicates whether the request was successful. Valid values:
  • true: The request was successful.
  • false: The request failed.
error_code The error code that is returned if the request failed. [] INT
error_msg The error message that is returned if the request failed. [] STRING
The following code provides an example of the output data:
   "out_image": "Base64-encoded image content"
   "request_id": "9ac294a4-f387-4c48-b640-d2c6d41f****",
   "success": true