You can export notebooks as local files in various formats so that you can view and share the notebooks.

Background information

Data Science Workshop (DSW) of Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) allows you to export notebooks as the following types of local files:
  • AsciiDoc files in the .asciidoc format
  • HTML files in the .html format
  • LaTeX files in the .tex format
  • Markdown files in the .md format
  • Portable document format (PDF) files in the .pdf format
  • reStructuredText files in the .rst format
  • Executable scripts in the .py format
  • Reveal.js slides in the .html format


  1. Go to the development environment of DSW.
    1. Log on to the PAI console.
    2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Model Training > DSW-Notebook Service.
    3. On the Notebook Models page, select the region of the instance that you want to manage in the upper-left corner.
    4. On the page that appears, find the instance that you want to manage and click Launch DSW in the Actions column.
  2. Open the notebook that you want to export.
  3. In the top navigation bar, choose File > Export Notebook As... and select a format from the shortcut menu. Then, the notebook is exported as a file in the selected format.Export the notebook.
    Note The file formats in which you can export a notebook are configured in nbconvert. For more information, see nbconvert: Convert Notebooks to other formats.