This topic describes the standard encoding formats that are supported by Log Service.

Encoding format Alias Language
ascii 646 and us-ascii English
big5 big5-tw and csbig5 Traditional Chinese
big5hkscs big5-hkscs and hkscs Traditional Chinese
cp037 IBM037 and IBM039 English
cp273 273, IBM273, and csIBM273 German
cp424 EBCDIC-CP-HE and IBM424 Hebrew
cp437 437 and IBM437 English
cp500 EBCDIC-CP-BE, EBCDIC-CP-CH, and IBM500 Western European languages
cp720 None Arabic
cp737 None Greek
cp775 None IBM775
cp850 850 and IBM850 Western European languages
cp852 852 and IBM852 Central and Eastern European languages
cp855 855 and IBM855 Bulgarian, Belarusian, Macedonian, Russian, and Serbian
cp856 None Hebrew
cp857 857 and IBM857 Turkish
cp858 858 and IBM858 Western European languages
cp860 860 and IBM860 Portuguese
cp861 861, CP-IS, and IBM861 Icelandic
cp862 862 and IBM862 Hebrew
cp863 863 and IBM863 Canadian
cp864 IBM864 Arabic
cp865 865 and IBM865 Danish and Norwegian
cp866 866 and IBM866 Russian
cp869 869, CP-GR, and IBM869 Greek
cp874 None Thai
cp875 None Greek
cp932 932, ms932, mskanji, and ms-kanji Japanese
cp949 949, ms949, and uhc Korean
cp950 950 and ms950 Traditional Chinese
cp1006 None Urdu
cp1026 ibm1026 Turkish
cp1125 1125, ibm1125, cp866u, and ruscii Ukrainian
cp1140 ibm1140 Western European languages
cp1250 windows-1250 Central and Eastern European languages
cp1251 windows-1251 Bulgarian, Belarusian, Macedonian, Russian, and Serbian
cp1252 windows-1252 Western European languages
cp1253 windows-1253 Greek
cp1254 windows-1254 Turkish
cp1255 windows-1255 Hebrew
cp1256 windows-1256 Arabic
cp1257 windows-1257 Baltic languages
cp1258 windows-1258 Vietnamese
cp65001 None Windows only: Windows UTF-8 (CP_UTF8)
euc_jp eucjp, ujis, and u-jis Japanese
euc_jis_2004 jisx0213 and eucjis2004 Japanese
euc_jisx0213 eucjisx0213 Japanese
euc_kr euckr, korean, ksc5601, ks_c-5601, ks_c-5601-1987, ksx1001, and ks_x-1001 Korean
gb2312 chinese, csiso58gb231280, euc-cn, euccn, eucgb2312-cn, gb2312-1980, gb2312-80, and iso-ir-58 Simplified Chinese
gbk 936, cp936, and ms936 CJK Unified Ideographs
gb18030 gb18030-2000 CJK Unified Ideographs
hz hzgb, hz-gb, and hz-gb-2312 Simplified Chinese
iso2022_jp csiso2022jp, iso2022jp, and iso-2022-jp Japanese
iso2022_jp_1 iso2022jp-1 and iso-2022-jp-1 Japanese
iso2022_jp_2 iso2022jp-2 and iso-2022-jp-2 Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Western European languages, and Greek
iso2022_jp_2004 iso2022jp-2004 and iso-2022-jp-2004 Japanese
iso2022_jp_3 iso2022jp-3 and iso-2022-jp-3 Japanese
iso2022_jp_ext iso2022jp-ext and iso-2022-jp-ext Japanese
iso2022_kr csiso2022kr, iso2022kr, and iso-2022-kr Korean
latin_1 iso-8859-1, iso8859-1, 8859, cp819, latin, latin1, and L1 Western European languages
iso8859_2 iso-8859-2, latin2, and L2 Central and Eastern European languages
iso8859_3 iso-8859-3, latin3, and L3 Esperanto and Maltese
iso8859_4 iso-8859-4, Latin4, and L4 Baltic languages
iso8859_5 iso-8859-5 and cyrillic Bulgarian, Belarusian, Macedonian, Russian, and Serbian
iso8859_6 iso-8859-6 and arabic Arabic
iso8859_7 iso-8859-7, greek, and greek8 Greek
iso8859_8 iso-8859-8 and hebrew Hebrew
iso8859_9 iso-8859-9, Latin5, and L5 Turkish
iso8859_10 iso-8859-10, Latin6, and L6 Nordic languages
iso8859_11 iso-8859-11 and thai Thai
iso8859_13 iso-8859-13, latin7, and L7 Baltic languages
iso8859_14 iso-8859-14, Latin8, and L8 Celtic
iso8859_15 iso-8859-15, latin9, and L9 Western European languages
iso8859_16 ISO-8859-16, Latin10, and L10 Southeast European languages
johab cp1361 and ms1361 Korean
koi8_r None Russian
koi8_t None Tajik
koi8_u None Ukrainian
kz1048 kz_1048, strk1048_2002, and rk1048 Kazakh
mac_cyrillic maccyrillic Bulgarian, Belarusian, Macedonian, Russian, and Serbian
mac_greek macgreek Greek
mac_iceland maciceland Icelandic
mac_latin2 maclatin2 and maccentraleurope Central and Eastern European languages
mac_roman macroman and macintosh Western European languages
mac_turkish macturkish Turkish
ptcp154 csptcp154, pt154, cp154, and cyrillic-asian Kazakh
shift_jis csshiftjis, shiftjis, sjis, and s_jis Japanese
shift_jis_2004 shiftjis2004, sjis_2004, and sjis2004 Japanese
shift_jisx0213 shiftjisx0213, sjisx0213, and s_jisx0213 Japanese
utf_32 U32 and utf32 All languages
utf_32_be UTF-32BE All languages
utf_32_le UTF-32LE All languages
utf_16 U16 and utf16 All languages
utf_16_be UTF-16BE All languages
utf_16_le UTF-16LE All languages
utf_7 U7 and unicode-1-1-utf-7 All languages
utf_8 U8, UTF, and utf8 All languages
utf_8_sig None All languages