Log Service helps Sandbox Network collect and manage data in a centralized manner in global business scenarios in which services are deployed on multiple clouds. Sandbox Network has increased its troubleshooting efficiency by 30% to meet its rapid business growth.

Company profile

Sandbox Network is committed to building a global user-generated content (UGC) gaming platform that helps players convert their ideas into games. Blockman GO, a representative game of Sandbox Network, has been released online and well received by more than 50 million players around the world. For more information, visit the official website of Sandbox Network.


Sandbox Network is a well-known UGC gaming platform that has released multiple games worldwide and attracted more than 50 million players. As the number of self-developed and user-generated games increases, Sandbox Network expands their business to keep pace with the demands. The business development requires more fine-grained O&M and operations on the business platform of Sandbox Network. Upstream data and downstream data both need to be integrated so that multidimensional monitoring can be implemented. This helps improve platform stability and user experience. In addition, the analysis of user behavior helps iteratively improve services.


Sandbox Network faces the following challenges:

  • Centralized log collection in global business scenarios in which services are deployed on multiple clouds

    Sandbox Network has a global presence. The company has deployed its business clusters inside and outside mainland China, such as India and Hong Kong (China). In addition, Sandbox Network uses multi-cloud deployment solutions and a cross-border and cross-cloud architecture. Therefore, Sandbox Network requires a centralized method to collect data.

  • Centralized management on heterogeneous data that is collected from various sources in different formats

    The business data of Sandbox Network includes the system data of each cloud platform, behavioral data of each game player, and logs of different clients such as iOS and Android clients. Heterogeneous data that is collected from various sources in different formats poses a big challenge on centralized data management.

  • Rapid and elastic scalability that is required by the UGC gaming platform

    Traffic spikes occur when new games are released, promotional activities are launched for existing games, or hot-selling games come out. To ensure business stability, Sandbox Network requires a service that supports rapid and elastic scalability.


To help Sandbox Network address the preceding challenges, Alibaba Cloud provides Log Service to collect and manage data in a centralized manner.

  • Centralized data collection: Log Service supports more than 50 data sources. For example, you can use Logtail to collect logs from Elastic Compute Service (ECS), data centers, and the servers of other cloud service providers. In multi-cloud deployment scenarios, Sandbox Network can use Logtail to collect data in a centralized manner and use Log Service as a centralized data analysis platform. Log Service also supports multiple transmission methods in different business scenarios. For example, you can use an internal network and a virtual private cloud (VPC) or the Internet and global acceleration to transmit data.

  • Centralized management of heterogeneous data: Log Service is a fully managed and highly available service that provides data transformation and supports auto scaling. Log Service is suitable for various scenarios in which Sandbox Network needs to standardize, enrich, distribute, reindex, or aggregate data. Log Service helps Sandbox Network transform and standardize heterogeneous data for subsequent data analysis. To prevent the issues that may occur in multi-account and cross-cloud scenarios, Sandbox Network integrates the Log Service console into their business platform to manage data. This simplifies the authorization process. In addition, Log Service provides various dashboards to help different business teams of Sandbox Network visualize data as needed.

  • Elastic scalability: Log Service supports auto scaling to process petabytes of data. Log Service helps Sandbox Network respond to traffic spikes and business growth.

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