Lists the machines that are connected to Log Service in a machine group.

Request syntax

GET /machinegroups/groupName/machines HTTP/1.1
Authorization: LOG yourAccessKeyId:yourSignature
Date: GMT Date
Host: ProjectName.Endpoint
x-log-apiversion: 0.6.0
x-log-signaturemethod: hmac-sha1

The value of the Host parameter consists of a project name and an endpoint. You must specify a project name for the Host parameter.

Request parameters

  • Request headers

    The ListMachines operation does not have operation-specific request headers. For information about the common request headers of Log Service API operations, see Common request headers.

  • Parameters
    Parameter Type Required Example Description
    projectName String Yes ali-test-project The name of the project.
    groupName String Yes test-machine-group-5 The name of the machine group.
    offset Integer No 0 The start row of the query. Default value: 0.
    size Integer No 3 The maximum number of entries to return on each page. Default value: 500.

Response parameters

  • Response headers

    The ListMachines API operation does not have operation-specific response headers. For information about the common response headers of Log Service API operations, see Common response headers.

  • Response elements
    If the request succeeds, the HTTP status code 200 is returned. The response body contains the information of the machine list. The following table lists the parameters in the response body.
    Parameter Type Example Description
    count Integer 3 The number of machines that are returned on the current page.
    total Integer 8 The total number of machines.
    machines Json array [{"ip": "", "machine-uniqueid": "", "userdefined-id": "", "lastHeartbeatTime": 1447182247},{"ip": "", "machine-uniqueid": "","userdefined-id": "","lastHeartbeatTime": 1447182246}] The machine list that is returned. The following table describes the parameters in the machines parameter.
    The machines parameter consists of the following parameters.
    Parameter Type Example Description
    ip String The IP address of the machine.
    machine-uniqueid String N/A The unique identifier of the machine.
    userdefined-id String N/A The user-defined identifier of the machine.
    lastHeartbeatTime Integer 1447182247 The last heartbeat time. The timestamp follows the UNIX time format. It is the number of seconds that have elapsed since 00:00:00, January 1, 1970.


  • Sample requests
    GET /machinegroups/test-machine-group-5/machines? offset=0&size=3 HTTP/1.1
    Header :
        "x-log-apiversion": "0.6.0",
        "Authorization": "LOG yourAccessKeyId:yourSignature",
        "Host": "",
        "Date": "Tue, 10 Nov 2015 19:04:57 GMT",
        "Content-Length": "0",
        "x-log-signaturemethod": "hmac-sha1",
        "User-Agent": "sls-java-sdk-v-0.6.0",
        "Content-Type": "application/x-protobuf",
        "x-log-bodyrawsize": "0"
  • Sample success responses
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Header :
        "Date": "Tue, 10 Nov 2015 19:04:58 GMT",
        "Content-Length": "324",
        "x-log-requestid": "56423FD999248C827B000A57",
        "Connection": "close",
        "Content-Type": "application/json",
        "Server": "nginx/1.6.1"
    Body :
        "machines":     [
                "ip": "",
                "machine-uniqueid": "",
                "userdefined-id": "",
                "lastHeartbeatTime": 1447182247
                "ip": "",
                "machine-uniqueid": "",
                "userdefined-id": "",
                "lastHeartbeatTime": 1447182246
                "ip": "",
                "machine-uniqueid": "",
                "userdefined-id": "",
                "lastHeartbeatTime": 1447182248
        "count": 3,
        "total": 8

Error codes

HTTP status code Error code Error message Description
404 ProjectNotExist The Project does not exist :projectName . The error message returned because the specified project does not exist.
404 MachineGroupNotExist MachineGroup groupName does not exist. The error message returned because the specified machine group does not exist.
500 InternalServerError Internal server error. The error message returned because an internal server error has occurred.

For more information about the error codes, see Common error codes.