The charts of Log Service dashboards support grid layout and free layout. This topic describes how to manage chart layouts.

Layout types

  • Grid layout

    Charts are neatly arranged by grid.

  • Free layout

    You can configure the chart layout, drag charts, and overlap charts.

Note If a dashboard is in edit mode, different chart layouts support different operations. For more information, see Manage a dashboard in edit mode.
  • In grid layout, you cannot overlap charts or add lines to the charts.
  • In free layout, you cannot collapse rows in the charts.

Configure the chart layout

When you create a dashboard, you can configure the chart layout. For information about how to create a dashboard, see Create a dashboard.

Configure the chart layout

Change the chart layout

You can change the chart layout of a dashboard in edit mode. For more information, see Switch between layout modes.
Notice After you change the chart layout, the lines, collapsed rows, positions, and sizes of the charts may change.