This topic describes the fields of layer-7 access logs of Server Load Balancer (SLB).

Field Description
__topic__ The topic of the log entry. Valid value: slb_layer7_access_log.
body_bytes_sent The size of the HTTP response message body sent to the client. Unit: bytes.
client_ip The IP address of the client.
host The IP address of the server. The value is first obtained from the request parameters. If no value is obtained, the value is obtained from the host header field. If the value still cannot be obtained, the IP address of the backend server that processes the request is obtained as the field value.
http_host The host header in the request message.
http_referer The HTTP referer header in the request message received by the proxy.
http_user_agent The HTTP user-agent header in the request message received by the proxy.
http_x_forwarded_for The x-forwarded-for content in the request message received by the proxy.
http_x_real_ip The real IP address of the client.
read_request_time The time when the proxy reads the request message. Unit: milliseconds.
request_length The length of the request message, which includes the startline, HTTP headers, and HTTP body.
request_method The request method.
request_time The duration between the time when the proxy receives the first request message and the time when the proxy returns a response message. Unit: seconds.
request_uri The request URI received by the proxy.
scheme The request schema. Valid values: http and https.
server_protocol The HTTP version received by the proxy, for example, HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1.
slb_vport The listening port of the SLB instance.
slbid The ID of the SLB instance.
ssl_cipher The cipher suite used to establish an SSL connection, for example, ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256.
ssl_protocol The protocol used to establish an SSL connection, such as TLSv1.2.
status The HTTP status code sent from the proxy.
tcpinfo_rtt The round-trip time (RTT) of TCP packets. Unit: milliseconds.
time The time when the log entry is generated.
upstream_addr The IP address and port number of the backend server.
upstream_response_time The duration of the connection between the proxy and backend server. Unit: seconds.
upstream_status The HTTP status code received by the proxy from the backend server.
vip_addr The virtual IP address.
write_response_time The response duration of the proxy. Unit: milliseconds.