You can import cloud native trace data from OpenTelemetry to Log Service. You can also import trace data from other tracing systems to Log Service. This topic describes the methods that can be used to connect to the Trace application of Log Service.

Import methods

Import trace data

Log Service supports the following methods to import trace data:

  • Use OpenTelemetry, Jaeger, Zipkin, and OpenCensus to import trace data to Log Service. If you import trace data from Jaeger to Log Service, you can use only an HTTPS or gRPC method.
  • Use the OpenTelemetry Collector to forward trace data from OpenTelemetry, Jaeger, Zipkin, OpenCensus, AWS X-Ray, and Splunk SignalFX to Log Service. In this method, all protocols are supported for Jaeger.
  • Use Logtail to forward trace data from SkyWalking to Log Service.
  • Use a custom protocol to import trace data to Log Service. Then, you can convert the format of the trace data to the OpenTelemetry format by using the data transformation feature of Log Service.

Instructions on selecting import methods

Before you select an import method to import trace data to Log Service, take note of the following instructions:
  • Use OpenTelemetry to import trace data.

    The OpenTelemetry protocol is a globally recognized standard that is used to import trace data. To connect with all required components, multiple open source software applications comply with the OpenTelemetry protocol.

  • Comply with the OpenTracing or OpenTelemetry protocol to connect with other open source systems.
  • If you do not use an open source standard protocol, we recommend that you use the same import method for all services from which trace data is imported in your tracing system. Otherwise, the trace data that is collected may be incomplete.

Details of import methods

Log Service supports multiple import methods that have different automation levels of instrumentation and import complexity. Import methods are listed for common tracing platforms, such as OpenTelemetry, SkyWalking, Jaeger, and Zipkin.


  • Build a tracing system

    If your system is connected to the Trace application for the first time, we recommend that you use OpenTelemetry to upload your trace data to Log Service. However, the related programming language may not support OpenTelemetry import methods or the import methods may not meet your requirements. In this case, you can use the import methods that support the OpenTracing or OpenCensus protocol to import data from Jaeger or Zipkin.

  • Upgrade an existing tracing system
    If your current system uses a tracing service, you can select an import method based on the actual scenario.
    • The tracing system is stably running.
      • If trace data can be uploaded to the OpenTelemetry Collector in the tracing system, you can use the OpenTelemetry Collector to forward the trace data to Log Service.
      • If the tracing system uses a custom protocol or another protocol that is not the OpenTelemetry or OpenTracing protocol, you can print trace data to a file. Then, you can upload the file to Log Service by using Logtail, and use the data transformation feature to convert the data format to the OpenTelemetry format.
    • The tracing system does not meet your business requirements or the tracing system needs to be upgraded.
      • If the tracing system uses the OpenTracing or OpenCensus protocol, you can smooth and migrate trace data. In this case, you must upload trace data from the original system to the OpenTelemetry Collector. Then, forward the trace data to Log Service. During this process, the original protocol is replaced by the OpenTelemetry protocol. Then, the OpenTelemetry protocol is used to import the trace data to Log Service.
      • If the tracing system uses another protocol, you must replace the protocol. Otherwise, trace data may be incomplete during the replacement process.
  • Deploy on-premises tracing systems

    If you deploy your business applications in a data center and only some gateways connect to the Internet or Express Connect circuits, you can deploy the OpenTelemetry Collector on these gateways. Then, you can send trace data from other machines to the gateways, and then forward the trace data to Log Service by using the OpenTelemetry Collector.

Trace Demo

Log Service provides demos that demonstrate how to import trace data for different programming languages. For more information, see Trace Demos.