When you query and analyze the logs, you can query some external stores together with Logstores to enrich the log data in Log Service.

External store

  • Differences between an external store and a Logstore
    Item External store Logstore
    Data storage Logs are stored in the external store. The metadata associated with the logs is static. Logs are stored in the Logstore. The data is continuously updated.
  • Scenarios
    • Use SQL JOIN statements to query Logstores and external stores.
    • Writes the query result from a Logstore to an external store.
  • Storage type
    Only RDS instances in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) can be used as external stores.
    Note The RDS instances can reside in the following regions: China (Beijing), China (Qingdao), and China (Hangzhou). To use the RDS instances in other regions as external stores, submit a ticket.


  1. Create an external store and specify the metadata of the data source. For more information, see CreateExternalStore, UpdateExternalStore, ListExternalStore, GetExternalStore, DeleteExternalStore and Log Service Python SDK.
  2. When you query and analyze data, specify the name of the external store to read and write data.