This topic describes how to enable the log dump feature in the IoT Platform console to dump operational logs to Log Service.


  • Log Service is activated.
  • A product is created and a device is connected to the product. For more information, see Connect a device to a product.


  1. Log on to the IoT Platform console.
    Note The log dump feature is supported only by Alibaba Cloud accounts.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Maintenance > Device Log.
  3. On the Device Log page, select the product and click the Log Dump tab.
  4. On the Log Dump tab, click Enable to enable the log dump feature.
  5. In the Log Configurations dialog box, click OK.
    After the log dump feature is enabled, the system creates a service linked role named AliyunServiceRoleForIoTLogExport. IoT Platform uses this role to access your cloud resources in Log Service.
    • If the AliyunServiceRoleForIoTLogExport role already exists, it cannot be created again.
    • Do not cancel the RAM role authorization or delete the RAM role. Otherwise, the operational logs of cloud resources in IoT Platform cannot be dumped to Log Service.

What to do next

  • After you dump logs from IoT Platform to Log Service, you can query, analyze, download, ship, and transform log data. You can also configure alerts for log data. For more information, see Common operations on logs of Alibaba Cloud services.
  • If you no longer need to dump logs to Log Service, click Stop Dump on the Log Dump tab.

    After you disable the log dump feature, newly generated logs are no longer exported to Log Service. Exported logs will be automatically cleared from Log Service when the specified time for log storage is reached.