This topic describes the fields of operation logs in Cloud Service Bus (CSB) App Connect.

Log field Description
__topic__ The topic of a log entry. Valid value: appconnect_oplog.
uid The ID of an Alibaba Cloud account.
execution_id The ID of a request or the ID of an execution.
status The execution status of an integration flow. Valid values: begin and done.
flow_name The name of an integration flow.
step The name of a step in an integration flow. The name is the unique identifier of the step.
id The ID of a step. The ID is the unique index that is used to implement each integration flow. The ID can be decoded by using the stepTime timestamp field.

A step can be executed multiple times in scenarios where loops are included. The step has the same name but different IDs.

type The type of a step.
duration The duration of a step. Unit: nanoseconds.
message The output of a step. The output is in the string format.
step_time The time when a step is executed by an integration flow.
container_ip The IP address of a pod.
integration_name The name of a pod.
failed Indicates whether a step is implemented.