Log Service allows you to render query and analysis results into visualized charts.

Usage notes

Before you configure charts, you must perform the following operations:

  • Specify an analytic statement in a query statement. Otherwise, Log Service cannot display charts based on query results.
  • Configure indexes and enable the analysis feature. To enable the analysis feature, turn on the Enable Analytics switch for related fields in the Search & Analysis panel. For more information, see Configure indexes.

Chart configurations

Charts are used to visualize the query and analysis results of query statements. You can select a type of chart from the chart bar on the Graph tab and configure a chart based on your business requirements.

Operation Description
Select a chart On the Graph tab, click a type of chart based on query and analysis results from the chart bar. For more information, see Chart types.
Preview a chart Preview query and analysis results.
Preview data The data of the related chart is displayed in a table.
Configure a chart Configure the chart settings.
  • On the Properties tab, you can set the properties of a chart to be displayed. You can set the X-axis, left Y-axis and right Y-axis, margins, font size, and other parameters. Different types of charts have different properties. This feature is applicable to all query scenarios.
  • On the Data Source tab, you can set placeholder variables. For example, you can configure the drill-down event of Chart A to redirect to the dashboard on which Chart B is located. After you configure the drill-down event of Chart A, the placeholder variable is replaced by the variable that you click to trigger the drill-down event and execute the query statement of Chart B. This way, to trigger the drill-down event, you must click the placeholder variable that you configured for Chart B. This feature is applicable to scenarios where you need to configure drill-down events to redirect to destination dashboards. For more information, see Configure a drill-down event for a chart.
  • On the Interactive Behavior tab, you can configure drill-down events for a chart. Then, you can click the variable value in the chart to trigger the specified drill-down event. This feature applies when you need to trigger drill-down events for charts. For more information, see Configure a drill-down event for a chart.

Chart types

Log Service provides the following types of charts:


What can I do if no charts can be automatically generated based on my query statements?

When you execute multiple query statements in sequence, the Value Column, X Axis, or Y Axis configurations are not automatically modified based on the current query statement. The X-axis and Y-axis configurations may remain the same as that of the last query statement. In this case, the query and analysis result of the current query statement cannot be automatically displayed on a chart. The following errors may occur:

  • The selected dimensions are not in the query results. Check and modify the properties.
  • X-Axis or Y-Axis is unavailable. Check and modify the properties.

Modify the Properties settings of the chart based on the current query statement.