This topic describes the actions that a RAM user can perform on Log Service resources.

Allowed actions

In RAM, you can authorize the RAM user to perform the following operations on Log Service resources.
Resource type Action Description
Project log:CreateProject Creates a project.
log:DeleteProject Deletes a project.
log:GetProject Queries the attributes of a project.
log:ListProject Queries the projects that meet specified conditions.
log:UpdateProject Updates a project.
Logstore log:GetLogStoreLogs Queries logs in a Logstore of a specified project.
log:GetLogStoreHistogram Queries the distribution of logs in a Logstore of a project.
log:GetLogStore Queries the attributes of a Logstore.
log:ListLogStores Lists all Logstores in a project.
log:CreateLogStore Creates a Logstore in a project.
log:DeleteLogStore Deletes a Logstore, including all shards and indexes of the Logstore.
log:UpdateLogStore Updates the attributes of a Logstore.
log:GetCursorOrData (GetCursor, PullLogs, and GetCursorTime) Queries a cursor based on the server time, queries logs in a specified shard based on a cursor, and queries the server time based on a cursor.
log:ListShards Lists all available shards in a Logstore.
log:PostLogStoreLogs Writes logs to a Logstore.
log:GetShipperStatus Queries the status of a LogShipper task.
log:RetryShipperTask Re-runs a failed LogShipper task.
log:CreateIndex Creates indexes for a Logstore.
log:DeleteIndex Deletes indexes from a Logstore.
log:GetIndex Queries the indexes of a Logstore.
log:UpdateIndex Updates the indexes of a Logstore.
Config log:CreateConfig Creates a Logtail configuration in a project.
log:UpdateConfig Updates a Logtail configuration.
log:DeleteConfig Deletes a Logtail configuration.
log:GetConfig Queries the detailed configurations of a Logtail.
log:ListConfig Lists all Logtail configurations in a project. You can configure related parameters to specify the number of entries to display on each page.
MachineGroup log:CreateMachineGroup Creates a machine group to specify the servers from which logs are collected.
log:UpdateMachineGroup Updates a machine group.
log:DeleteMachineGroup Deletes a machine group.
log:GetMachineGroup Queries the details of a machine group.
log:ListMachineGroup Lists machine groups.
log:ListMachines Lists the machines in a machine group. The machines are connected to Log Service.
log:ApplyConfigToGroup Applies a Logtail configuration to a machine group.
log:RemoveConfigFromGroup Deletes a Logtail configuration from a machine group.
log:GetAppliedMachineGroups Lists the machines to which a Logtail configuration is applied.
log:GetAppliedConfigs Lists the Logtail configurations that are applied to a machine group.
ConsumerGroup log:CreateConsumerGroup Creates a consumer group for a specific Logstore.
log:UpdateConsumerGroup Modifies the attributes of a consumer group.
log:DeleteConsumerGroup Deletes a consumer group.
log:ListConsumerGroup Lists all consumer groups in a specified Logstore.
log:UpdateCheckPoint Updates the checkpoint of a shard in a specified consumer group.
log:ConsumerGroupHeartBeat Sends a heartbeat packet to Log Service for a consumer.
log:GetConsumerGroupCheckPoint Retrieves the checkpoints of one or all shards in a specified consumer group.
SavedSearch log:CreateSavedSearch Creates a saved search.
log:UpdateSavedSearch Updates a saved search.
log:GetSavedSearch Queries a saved search.
log:DeleteSavedSearch Deletes a saved search.
log:ListSavedSearch Queries saved searches.
Dashboard log:CreateDashboard Creates a dashboard.
log:UpdateDashboard Updates a dashboard.
log:GetDashboard Queries a dashboard.
log:DeleteDashboard Deletes a dashboard.
log:ListDashboard Lists dashboards.
Job log:CreateJob Creates a task, for example, an alert or a subscription.
log:UpdateJob Updates a task.
log:ListJobs View the configurations of the sync solution.
log:DeleteJob Delete the data synchronization solution.
App log:CreateApp Creates an application.
log:UpdateApp Updates an application.
log:GetApp Queries an application.
log:DeleteApp Deletes an application.
Chart log:CreateChart Creates a statistical chart.