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LinkVisual:Obtain the LinkVisual device SDK

Last Updated:Feb 14, 2023

The LinkVisual device SDK is provided as a static library. You can compile the SDK and install it on devices that use different types of chips.

To obtain the SDK, send an email that includes the following information to

Device type, such as a module, consumer IP camera, professional IP camera, dash camera, and video doorbell.
Device model and manufacturer name.
Operating system that runs on the device. Whether the device supports Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) and C++, and whether the C++11 version is used.
The number of devices that you want to connect.
The frequency and lines of concurrent push streams, and the expected upstream and downstream bandwidth.
Client type, such as a web page, PC, and app.
Video-related features that are required by the client, such as live streaming, playback, alerting, and voice intercom.