This topic describes common terms that are used in Link IoT Edge.

Term Description
Link IoT Edge Link IoT Edge serves as a function module that is included in IoT Platform. Link IoT Edge provides reliable data processing for on-premises devices. This reduces cloud migration costs.
Link IoT Edge package You can use Link IoT Edge packages to install Link IoT Edge Lite, Link IoT Edge Standard, and Link IoT Edge Pro.
Link IoT Edge Lite You can install Link IoT Edge Lite by using an executable tar.gz package.
Link IoT Edge Standard You can install Link IoT Edge Standard by using an executable .tar.gz package.
Link IoT Edge Pro You can install Link IoT Edge Pro by using a Docker image.
Gateway Compute nodes that run Link IoT Edge are referred to as edge gateways.
Sub-device Sub-devices refer to any devices that connect to Link IoT Edge gateways. These devices use different protocols and interfaces for communication. A gateway serves as a proxy that enables the communication between a sub-device and Link IoT Edge.
Driver You can use drivers to manage and control devices that are attached to Link IoT Edge. Before a device can access Link IoT Edge, you must specify a driver for the device.
Edge instance You can delegate gateways to associate your devices with edge instances. These devices are consolidated to IoT Platform through edge instances for management. You can use edge instances to manage multiple resources of your devices. These resources include drivers, Function Compute applications, and scene rules.
Fun Fun is a tool that allows you to develop serverless applications. Fun allows you to define, develop, test, and debug serverless applications in a local environment and deploy these serverless applications in the cloud.
Resumable upload Link IoT Edge provides the resumable upload feature in cases of network breakdown or intermittent connectivity. Link IoT Edge allows you to add Quality of Service (QoS) policies when you configure message routing. By doing so, you can store device data on local storage in cases of network breakdown. After the network recovers, Link IoT Edge synchronizes the cached data to the cloud.
Message routing You can use routing rules to implement message routing. Messages that meet the specified conditions will be routed from the source node to the destination node.
Device simulator Device simulators refer to applications that simulate physical devices. Each device simulator includes a driver and a management tool.