This topic introduces the typical application scenarios of Link IoT Edge, such as smart hotels, industrial production, and wind power industries. Link IoT Edge can be used to improve the efficiency of businesses that can take advantage of data collection and processing services, such as wind power systems.

Smart hotels

Edge gateways can quickly connect to on-premises devices and function as nodes that quickly respond to local events. Edge gateways make it possible to achieve machine to machine (M2M) communication in the on-premises environment and unlock the full potential of voice intelligence. Voice intelligence allows you to control and manage services inside and outside hotel rooms.


  • Device connection: The system connects hotel barrier gates, room doors, air conditioners, lighting devices, and water and electricity devices.
  • Edge computing: Edge gateways performs computing over data such as face information, room numbers, room cleaning schedules, and periods of residence.
  • Voice intelligence: Tmall Genie works as a private assistant for hotel residents who have checked in. Hotel residents can give commands to Tmall Genie that Tmall Genie can carry out on connected devices.
Smart hotels

The entire procedure is described as follows:

  1. Hotel residents check in by using self-service machines. The self-service machines send the rules that regulate check-in information to edge gateways.
  2. Residents go to the barrier gates for face recognition. The barrier gates verify resident identities by communicating with the edge gateways.
  3. After the resident identities are verified, the barrier gates allow the residents to enter the building.
  4. Residents go to their rooms for face recognition. The devices that are installed on the room doors verify the resident identities by communicating with the edge gateways.
  5. After the resident identities are verified, residents can enter their rooms.
  6. When the room doors are opened, the devices in the rooms, such as water and electricity devices, air conditioners, lightning devices, and TVs, are automatically started as specified.
  7. Residents can give commands to Tmall Genie that Tmall Genie can carry out on connected devices.

Wind power

In the local networks for wind turbines, you can deploy edge gateways to collect wind turbine data in real time. After the collected data is processed locally, you can upload the processed data to Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute. Then, you can use big data models to adjust the wind turbine parameters, such as the wind direction sensitivity and start time delay. The procedure of automatic parameter adjustment is described as follows. Algorithms or rules are created based on the big data models and imported to the local edge nodes. The edge nodes can then automatically adjust the wind turbine parameters to improve efficiency.


  • Real-time data collection: Source data is collected from wind turbines in varied locations in real time.
  • Big data processing: After the source data is uploaded to Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute, big data models are used to boost wind power efficiency.
  • Instant feedback: After the algorithms or rules are imported to local edge nodes, the edge nodes adjusts wind turbine parameters in real time to optimize wind power generation.
Wind power