Link IoT Edge provides the following benefits:

Quick device connection

Link IoT Edge allows you to quickly connect edge nodes to devices that use varied data formats and communications protocols. You can use languages that you are familiar with to connect the devices.

Low latency

In the local networks where your devices reside, you can collect the device data and implement control policies. For example, you can perform data cleansing, computing, and analysis locally. This improves the timeliness and reliability of data processing.

Low cost

After you perform data cleansing, computing, and filtering locally, only high-quality data is uploaded to the cloud for storage. This reduces the costs in terms of computing, storage, and bandwidth.

High security

Link IoT Edge provides secure connections between the cloud and edge. It also offers data encryption and secure storage services.

High tolerance in network conditions

In offline and intermittent connectivity scenarios, Link IoT Edge allows you to perform computing over data, store data, and analyze data locally.

High AI capabilities

You can integrate AI learning, speech recognition, video recognition, and cloud services with Link IoT Edge to enhance local AI capabilities.