This topic describes the architecture of Link IoT Edge.

The following figure shows the architecture.

Link IoT Edge architecture

Link IoT Edge consists of the following components:

  • Device

    You can use device SDKs to convert non-standard devices into standard Thing Specification Language (TSL) models. After the conversion is complete, you can connect these devices to the nearest gateway. The gateway allows you to manage and control these devices.

  • Link IoT Edge

    After devices are connected to a gateway, the gateway helps collect, circulate, store, and analyze device data. Then, the gateway uploads device data to IoT Platform. By working with rule engines and Function Compute, the gateway allows you to easily orchestrate scenes and expand the business scale.

  • IoT Platform

    IoT Platform supports the standard API and can work with multiple Alibaba Cloud services, such as big data processing and AI-powered machine learning. Based on these features, IoT Platform allows you to manage uploaded device data with ease.