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Lindorm:Napatech case

Last Updated:Sep 02, 2022

Lindorm helps Napatech significantly improve the storage efficiency and indexing performance.

Customer profile

Napatech is a Denmark-based company. It was founded in 2003 and is engaged in providing field-programmable gate array (FPGA) solutions. The Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) ticker of the company is OSE: NAPA.OL. Napatech is headquartered in Denmark and provides services in regions such as the United States, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. It is the first company to use FPGA-based technology in network management and security applications. The company can reconstruct computing platforms based on FPGA to provide solutions to network management and secure application data delivery for customers in the telecommunications industry, the finance industry, and the Internet industry.


  • If the data traffic explosively increases and the requirements for high business availability rises, the customers of Napatech can collect and analyze data packets at an improved rate of 200 Gbit/s. However, the metadata of the data packets generated by upper-layer software also increases. This brings great challenges to the storage and indexing capabilities of the backend databases, such as open source HBase databases and Elasticsearch.

  • If a large number of nodes are added to handle the increasing data, the total cost greatly rises and the O&M work becomes much more complex.

  • The performance of the storage system and the indexing system for the metadata of the data packets urgently need to be improved.


  • Lindorm is a cloud native multi-model database service. It can be used to handle data of different sizes and in different models. Lindorm uses a cloud native architecture that is built based on multiple models. In this architecture, computing is decoupled from storage. Therefore, Lindorm provides multiple benefits, such as elasticity, cost-effectiveness, stability and reliability, ease of use, and ecosystem compatibility.

  • Lindorm allows Napatech to store a large amount of data at a low cost, import datasets in batches, and access data in real time. Lindorm provides efficient data channels to import incremental data and full data. Lindorm can be integrated with big data platforms to enable offline analysis on large amounts of data.

  • Napatech uses a Lindorm-based solution to store the metadata of a large number of data packets collected from data sources at a bandwidth of more than 100 Gbit/s. Lindorm helps Napatech significantly improve the storage efficiency and indexing performance and greatly reduces the O&M costs of the whole system.



  • Lindorm provides the capabilities to store and index the metadata of data packets that are collected from multiple data sources. The bandwidth of each data source is more than 100 Gbit/s.

  • Lindorm helps Napatech implement backtracking analysis on the full data.

  • Lindorm helps Napatech simplify the database architecture and the O&M work. Lindorm also provides elastic scalability and reduces the total cost for Napatech.

  • Lindorm can integrate with a third-party big data system to analyze business data.