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The security group rules for the ECS instance are not applied

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2021

Problem description

Set the security group rule for the corresponding port on ECS management control, but it does not take effect.


The configuration of the security group is incorrect. As a result, the rules are not applied.


  1. Perform the following procedure to check whether the corresponding port is listening on the server.
    • In Linux: run the netstat-nltpexpgrep8080 command to check whether Port 8080 is being listened on.
    • In Windows: run the netstat-anode findstr8080 command to check whether Port 8080 is listened on.
      Note: this article takes port 8080 as an example. The site is subject to the actual environment.

  2. Check whether the firewall on the server blocks the ports that need to be opened.
  3. Check for errors in setting priorities for security group rules. For more information, see Security Group Overview.

Application scope

  • Elastic Compute Service