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Introduction to the Migrate tool for migrating system disks of local servers to Linux instances in one click

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2020


This article describes how to Migrate the system disk of a local server to a Linux instance with one click.



The migration tool is described as follows.

  • Description: you can migrate ECS instances that run on-premises CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu to Alibaba Cloud ECS instances.
  • Applicable system: Linux releases compatible with Alibaba Cloud CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.
  • Note: this migration tool only supports system disk migration. It cannot be migrated to I/O optimized instances. To maintain data integrity and consistency, pause the application services running on the source server and detach disks except the system disk before migration.
  • Scenario: Migrate the system disk of the local server to an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance with one click.
  • Download tool:Click here to download.
  • Usage: run the following command as the root user on the target server.
    ./Migrate [$ IP]
    Note: [$ IP] is the IP address of the source server.


Application scope

  • ECS