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a The user specified as a definer does not exist error occurs when you log on to an apsaradb for RDS instance from DMS

Last Updated: May 20, 2022

Problem description

The following error occurs when you log on to the apsaradb for RDS instance from DMS.

The user specified as a definer ('user'@'a.b.c.d') does not exist


The logon account does not exist. This problem only occurs in the RDS Database proxy mode (high-security mode).


Alibaba Cloud reminds you that:

  • Before you perform operations that may cause risks, such as modifying instance configurations or data, we recommend that you check the disaster recovery and fault tolerance capabilities of the instances to ensure data security.
  • You can modify the configurations and data of instances including but not limited to Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Relational Database Service (RDS) instances. Before the modification, we recommend that you create snapshots or enable RDS log backup.
  • If you have authorized or submitted sensitive information such as the logon account and password in the Alibaba Cloud Management Console, we recommend that you modify such information in a timely manner.
  1. Check the account information in the er table, including the user and host columns, and make sure that the connected account matches the user keyword.
    Note: apsaradb RDS for MySQL manages both privileged and standard accounts. You can query mysql.user_view tables for instances under the privileged account.
  2. If you use the high-security mode, the previous database proxy mode may cause jitters of resource stability in some scenarios. This may adversely affect your services. You must upgrade your RDS network link in time to ensure that your service is running smoothly. For more information, see Upgrade the RDS network link.
  3. When switching from the high security mode to the standard mode, a logon test is performed again, and the following error is reported.
    ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'user'@'a.b.c.d'
  4. Log on to the apsaradb for RDS console, go to the account management page, and re-create the primary account.
  5. Log on to DMS and confirm the fault is resolved.

Application scope

  • ApsaraDB for RDS