IPv6 Gateway provides the following API for you to use. The API service address of the IPv6 gateway is vpc.aliyuncs.com , see the VPC API documentation to call the IPv6 Gateway API.

API Description
CreateIpv6Gateway Creates an IPv6 gateway.
DeleteIpv6Gateway Deletes an IPv6 gateway.
DescribeIpv6Gateways Queries IPv6 gateways in a specified region.
ModifyIpv6GatewaySpec Modifies the specification of an IPv6 Gateway.
CreateIpv6EgressOnlyRule Creates an egress-only rule.
DescribeIpv6EgressOnlyRules Queries the list of egress-only rules.
DeleteIpv6EgressOnlyRule Deletes an egress-only rule.
DescribeIpv6Addresses Queries the list of IPv6 addresses.
AllocateIpv6InternetBandwidth Creates an IPv6 Internet bandwidth.
ModifyIpv6InternetBandwidth Modifies an IPv6 Internet bandwidth.
DeleteIpv6InternetBandwidth Deletes an IPv6 Internet bandwidth.
ModifyIpv6GatewayAttribute Modifies the information of an IPv6 gateway.
ModifyIpv6AddressAttribute Modifies the name and description of an IPv6 address.
DescribeIpv6GatewayAttribute Queries the detailed information of an IPv6 Gateway.