Enterprise Edition instances are classified into standard instances and video instances. You can purchase instances based on your business requirements. This topic describes the types of instances.

Instance type Description References
Standard type Standard instances provide basic services, including device connection, message communication, device management, device monitoring, and device O&M.
  • You can connect 1,000 to 200,000 devices to a standard instance. If you want to connect more than 200,000 devices to an instance, purchase a dedicated instance.
  • If you want to use more services, such as LinkVisual and LinkAnalytics, you can select instances of the corresponding type.
Functions and features
Video type Video instances are suitable for video surveillance scenarios. You can connect video devices to video instances and use LinkVisual to manage the video devices.
Notice Enterprise Edition instances of the video type are available only in the Japan (Tokyo) region.

LinkVisual provides various video algorithms and supports cloud-edge collaboration. You can train algorithms in IoT Platform, send the algorithms to the edge, and then perform data computing and inference on the edge. You can upload, store, and forward video streams. You can also manage video devices and obtain video streams by calling API operations. LinkVisual allows device manufacturers, service providers, and solution providers to connect existing and new video devices to IoT Platform. LinkVisual also provides solutions for various video scenarios.

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