This topic describes the overdue payments and renewal methods of IoT Platform instances.

Overdue payments

Make sure that your account balance is sufficient. Devices may become unavailable due to overdue payments.

Notice After you top up your account balance, the IoT Platform service becomes available within 30 minutes.

The following is the Japan (Tokyo) region instance overdue payment:

  • Enterprise Edition instances

    After an Enterprise Edition instance expires, no service is available. Fifteen days later, the instance is released. All resources such as products and devices in the instance are deleted and cannot be recovered. Before the instance expires, renew the instance at the earliest opportunity to ensure business continuity.

  • Public instances

    For a public instance, a bill is generated within 4 hours after the current billing cycle ends. If the balance of the current Alibaba Cloud account is insufficient, an overdue payment occurs.

    If an overdue payment occurs, the service is still available within 24 hours. After 24 hours, the service is automatically stopped. We recommend that you top up your account balance within 24 hours to ensure business continuity.

    For more information about instances, see Overview.

China (Shanghai), Singapore, Germany (Frankfurt), US (Silicon Valley), and US (Virginia) do not support the instance function. The overdue payment logic is the same as that of the Japan (Tokyo) public instance.

Renewal methods

  • Enterprise Edition instances

    On the Overview page of the IoT Platform console, find the instance that you want to renew and click Renew. On the Renew page, select the subscription duration and click Buy Now.

  • Public instances

    For more information, see Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Payment.