IoT Platform provides public and Enterprise Edition instances. You can connect devices to IoT Platform instances and manage your business. This article describes the concepts and differences of these two types of instances.

Notice IoT Platform provides instances only in the Japan (Tokyo) region.


Concept Description
Enterprise Edition instance The instance that needs to be purchased is an Enterprise Edition instance. Enterprise Edition instances are deployed on Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). You can use an Alibaba Cloud account to purchase multiple Enterprise Edition instances and exclusively enjoy the resources of these instances.
public instance After you activate the IoT Platform service, a public instance is provided by default. Public instances are deployed on Alibaba Cloud classic networks.

Public instances

The instance ID is not displayed.

Differences between public instances and Enterprise Edition instances

  • The billing methods of public instances and Enterprise Edition instances are different. For more information, see Billing.
  • You can use IoT Platform instances to manage your products, devices, and rules. Instances of the two types provide different features.
    Item Public instance Enterprise Edition instance
    Supported regions Japan (Tokyo). Japan (Tokyo).
    Maximum number of online devices The maximum value is fixed. For more information, see Device access fees. Unlimited.
    Maximum number of devices Unlimited.
    Maximum messaging TPSS The maximum value is fixed. For more information, see Messaging fees. Unlimited.
    Maximum rules engine TPSS Unlimited.
    Time Series Data Writes per Second You can configure the rules engine to forward the processed data to an instance of the Time Series Database (TSDB).

    For more information, see Forward data to Time Series Database (TSDB).

    Instance-level monitoring and alerting Unsupported. Supported.
    Alibaba Cloud VPC Unsupported. Supported.
    Fixed IP addresses Unsupported. Supported.
    Connection based on custom protocols Unsupported. Supported.
    LinkVisual Unsupported. Supported.
    Auto scaling Unsupported. Supported.
    SLA None. 99.95% for instances of the Standard Edition and 99.99% for instances of High-availability Edition.

Usage notes

You can select instance types based on your business requirements. For more information, see the following articles: