The data forwarding feature of IoT Platform allows you to forward data from a topic to other topics or Alibaba Cloud services for storage or processing.

What is data forwarding?

If your devices use topics to communicate with other devices and IoT Platform, you can write SQL statements to process the data of the topics. You can also configure data forwarding rules to send the processed data to other topics or Alibaba Cloud services.

  • You can forward data to the topics of another device to implement machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.
  • You can forward data to consumer groups that subscribe to device messages. Your server listens to the messages of consumer groups by using an Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) client. For more information, see Connect an AMQP client to IoT Platform.
  • You can forward data to ApsaraDB RDS and Tablestore for data storage.
  • You can forward data to Function Compute for event-driven computing.
  • You can forward data to Message Service (MNS) to consume data in a highly reliable manner.

The data forwarding feature allows you to efficiently collect, compute, and store data. You do not need to purchase servers to deploy a distributed architecture.

Data forwarding

Data forwarding usage guide

  • Configure a data forwarding rule: describes how to configure a data forwarding rule.
  • SQL statements: describes the SQL statements that can be used in a data forwarding rule.
  • Functions: describes the functions that can be used in SQL statements.
  • Data forwarding procedure: describes the data forwarding process and the data formats at different stages of data forwarding.
  • Data formats: describes the data formats of basic communication topics and TSL-based communication topics. The data must be parsed by a TSL model. You must write the SQL statements of the data forwarding rules in the data format that is parsed by a TSL model.
  • Regions and zones: describes the Alibaba Cloud services that are supported in different regions and zones.


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