IoT Platform provides various device SDKs to simplify the development process and connect devices with IoT Platform.

  • IoT Platform console
    The required operations are performed in the IoT Platform console. The device and topic information that is required for device development is obtained.
    Create a product
    Create devices
    Add TSL features
  • Select Device SDK
    Link SDK
    IoT as Bridge SDK
    Alink protocol
  • Develop devices by using device SDKs
    To connect a device with IoT Platform, you can integrate an SDK that is provided by IoT Platform in the device. After you develop the device and connect the device to IoT Platform, the device is activated and shows the online status in IoT Platform.
  • What is the IoT as Bridge SDK
    Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform supports communication over Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP), or HTTP. Other types of protocols, such as the fire protection agreement GB/T 26875.3-2011, Modbus, and JT/T 808, are not supported. If devices cannot be directly connected to IoT Platform in specific cases, you can use the IoT as Bridge SDK to deploy a bridging service and establish connections between the devices or the bridging service and IoT Platform.
  • Development devices based on the Alink protocol
    If the provided device SDK does not meet your requirements, you can develop a custom SDK.
  • Download device Link SDK
    C Link SDK
    Android Link SDK
    Java Link SDK
    Python Link SDK
    iOS Link SDK
  • Download IoT as Bridge SDK
    Use the basic features
    Use the advanced features
  • Access IoT Platform by using Paho
    Use the Paho MQTT Java client
    Use the Paho MQTT C# client
    Use the Paho MQTT C client
    Use the Paho MQTT Go client
    Use the Paho MQTT Android client
    Use the Paho MQTT Python client
    Use the Paho MQTT Rust client
  • If the provided Link SDK does not meet your requirements, you can send an email to us.
    Email Subject: Query about SDK programming language or platform
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    Scale of Device Production and Development Plan: