Hybrid Cloud Storage is a series of storage services provided by Alibaba Cloud for business scenarios such as private cloud, container storage, database storage, massive data storage, High Performance Computing (HPC), AI, and big data. Hybrid Cloud Storage integrates software and hardware and provides elastic cloud storage space based on hybrid cloud architecture. This topic describes the basic information about Hybrid Cloud Storage to help you select the service that best suits your business scenarios and needs.

Hybrid Cloud Storage is available in the following forms: Hybrid Cloud Storage Array (HCSA), Hybrid Cloud CPFS Storage, and Hybrid Cloud Distributed Storage (HCDS). You can use Hybrid Cloud Storage to store and manage resources in the same way as you use an on-premises storage system. The resources include blocks, files, and objects that are stored in on-premises devices and on the cloud. Hybrid Cloud Storage allows you to seamlessly connect on-premises storage to cloud storage by using features such as cloud cache, cloud sync, cloud tiering, and cloud backup. Hybrid Cloud Storage provides optimized hybrid cloud storage solutions for different data application scenarios.

Service Description
Hybrid Cloud Storage Array The service integrates software and hardware. It is designed for enterprise customers who require highly efficient and stable data storage and want to seamlessly migrate their business to the cloud. Integrated with Alibaba Cloud storage services, the service combines the competences of public cloud storage and traditional storage arrays, including simplicity, flexibility, efficiency, and reliability.
Hybrid Cloud CPFS Storage The service provides a high-performance computing file storage that supports standard Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) and MPI-IO protocols. The built-in high-performance computing program can efficiently run without interface adaptation or performance optimization.
Hybrid Cloud Distributed Storage The service provides elastic and flexible storage that is suitable for private cloud and Internet scenarios in which business rapidly grows. It can be used to store a large amount of unstructured data.

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