Tablestore is a storage service that is developed by Alibaba Cloud. Tablestore can store large volumes of structured data by using multiple models, and supports fast data query and analytics. You can back up and restore Tablestore instances in the Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) console.

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HBR provides a dashboard on the Tablestore Backup page. You can view the backup information of your Tablestore resources. For example, you can view the number of protected instances, the number of unprotected instances, the number of protected tables, the size of protected tables, and the number of backup jobs.

Parameter Description
Instances The number of Tablestore instances that have been backed up and the number of Tablestore instances that have not been backed up.
Tables The number of Tablestore tables that have been backed up, the number of Tablestore tables that have not been backed up, and the size of these tables.
Jobs of Week The total number of jobs within the latest week and the number of jobs that are in the Backing Up, Restoring, Completed, and Failed states.
Vault Usage The total storage space of backup vaults that are used by Tablestore instances. You are charged for HBR based on the used storage space. For more information, see Billing methods and billable items.