This topic describes how to use Holo Client.

Use Holo Client

As your business develops, the size of your business data may rapidly increase. To help with data management, the Hologres team develops Holo Client based on Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). Holo Client allows you to write large amounts of data at a time and perform point queries that support a high volume of queries per second (QPS). For example, you can use Holo Client to synchronize large amounts of data to Hologres in real time or query data in a table that is associated with a dimension table. Holo Client automatically batch collects data to improve read/write performance and throughput. You can use Holo Client together with JDBC and still use JDBC for queries. Holo Client does not replace the role of JDBC, but rather provides features that are not supported by JDBC. In scenarios in which JDBC is available, you can still use JDBC to query data.

  • Holo Client is open source. For more information about how to use Holo Client, see Holo Client on GitHub.
  • All Holo Client versions are published in the Maven repository. For more information about Holo Client versions, see Holo Client versions.